What To Do To Get Relief From Chronic Pain After Shoulder Replacement?

Arthroplasty is a medical term for shoulder replacement surgery. It is the last resort to fix a person’s shoulder joints when no other traditional methods work. Also, such surgery is done only when the affected person cannot move their arm as they wish because of the restrictions caused due to shoulder pain.

But, we should also be aware of the chronic pain after shoulder replacement, and its treatment. As Arthroplasty happens to be a major surgery, the patient needs to follow some restrictions and advice from the medical practitioner. That is the only way they can fully recover from the chronic pain that is sure to arise after the surgery.

When do people need shoulder replacement?

For patients suffering from severe pain and dysfunction of the shoulder joints, shoulder replacement is prescribed. Because that being the last resort, is the only way for the patient to get some relief from the constant tingling pain that hinders their daily activities and chores.

Now, you may ask about the reasons or issues because of why medical practitioners usually recommend getting a shoulder replacement done. Well, the following are some of the reasons-

  • The patient suffered a severe fracture due to an accident.

  • The patient might be suffering from Avascular Necrosis.

  • The patient might be suffering from severe Osteoarthritis, or Rheumatoid Arthritis for a long time.

While treating such cases where chronic pain is a normal part of the patient’s life, generally all other methods are being put to test and trial. Methods of treatment including physiotherapy sessions and pain-relieving medications are applied.

A shoulder replacement surgery is only being conducted if the patients are facing the following issues-

  • Not being able to move the shoulders or a loss of motion.

  • Previously done surgeries have failed to give the desired results.

  • Constant weakness in the shoulders.

  • Hindrance in doing daily activities due to severe and chronic pain in the shoulder.

  • Medications have failed to deliver the desired effects.

Along with these, if topical medications like advanced pain relief roll-ons also fail to reduce the pain, you should understand that it's finally time for surgery.

Did you know? More than about 70,000 U.S. citizens get shoulder replacement surgeries done every year! So, it’s not as uncommon as it seems to be!

How to manage the pain after surgery?

Now that you’ve known about shoulder replacement surgeries, and why is it done, let us address the topic of discussion. How can a patient get relief from chronic pain after shoulder replacement?

Well, there are many restrictions that you as a patient, need to follow. So here are some of the things that you as a patient should be aware of after you had a shoulder replacement surgery-

  • You might experience difficulty while sleeping

After a shoulder replacement surgery, experiencing pain is quite a natural thing. So, your sleep might get hindered due to the pain.

But don’t worry if you face such an issue. Rather, it is better to consult a physiotherapist and know about certain sleeping positions that won’t get in the way of affecting your shoulders while you sleep.

Also, you need to follow some good habits or sleep hygiene. For instance avoiding overeating before bedtime, avoiding intake of caffeine before sleeping, and early bed-timings would also help to speed up the recovery process and also alleviate the chronic pain.

  • Physiotherapy sessions

One of the most important things to do after a major surgery like this is physiotherapy. Patients should, and must listen to their medical practitioner and consult a physiotherapist to help themselves recover from post-surgical pain.

You must do a set of prescribed exercises to make your shoulder move and get normalized. Consulting physiotherapists would be preferable as you would get expert advice and not injure yourself once again. Therefore, your recovery period after shoulder replacement, no matter how long it is, will eventually happen.

  • Medications

This is another one of the important things that you need to follow after Arthroplasty. Along with the prescribed medications of the surgeon, you might as well apply hemp infused pain relief roll on. This topical pain reliever from the house of Elyxr Labs is made from natural plant-derived extracts and is known to reduce inflammation and pain on the instant of application and provide long-lasting relief.


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