Hip Arthritis Relief: Skip These Exercises for Better Mobility

High-Impact Exercises

These include jumping and running, which significantly affect the joints. When you run, every time your heel contacts the ground, it generates a force equivalent to approximately three times your body weight. This force goes up from the feet to the knees, hip, and trunk, putting pressure on the soft tissues like ligaments, tendons, and joints. It also puts stress on the cartilage and bones in the joint.

Exercises with Sudden Movement and Direction Changes

If you are into sports and have hip arthritis, you should avoid quick movements. So, games like baseball, tennis, basketball, and soccer are some activities you should not do because they put heavy stress on your joints.

A study published by the National Library of Medicine in 2016 found that elite sports create a higher risk of developing hip osteoarthritis.

Pro Tip: Athletes should carry topicals like a pain relief roll-on or spray in their gym bag as a first aid kit.


Weightlifting is a great way to increase strength and stamina and is integral to people with hip arthritis. But performing it wrong can stimulate the pain and, worse, result in a further joint injury.

Weightlifting involves lifting heavy objects, and most of the exercises put a severe strain on the legs and hips. To avoid it, consult a physical therapist to suggest a personalized workout regimen. Additionally, you may start with your body weight and gradually increase the weight to avoid discomfort.

Standing Exercises

Since we mentioned the engagement of feet and hips above, we could not forget exercises that involve standing because extensive standing strains the joints, worsening pain.

You can do some exercises while sitting or lying down or perform them in a swimming pool to lessen any possible pressure on your hips. If you must do a standing exercise, keep it short.

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Alternative Exercises To Avoid Aggravating Hip Arthritis

While we mentioned some exercises you must avoid to worsen the pain, there are a few you can incorporate into your workout routine for pain relief.


Stretching helps warm your body and activates the necessary muscles to avoid injuries. It helps the joints have a full motion range and prevents the joints from stiffening from lack of activity or use.

Regular stretching helps ease stiff joints. Also, before exercising, you can take a hot shower or use heating pads.

Range of Motion Exercises

Range of motion exercises and stretching are similar. Performing them helps improve the flexibility and range of motion of the hip joint. With better flexibility and range of motion, you will experience improved mobility and physical functioning.

Aerobic Exercises

Try low-impact aerobics like cycling, elliptical training, and walking to help improve joint mobility for better movement. It can be beneficial for those with hip arthritis. However, avoid high-impact aerobics like jumping rope and running.

Strength Training

Those with mild to severe hip OA experience many restrictions, such as muscle weakness and reduced endurance. These are negative impacts that make it difficult for people to perform their daily activities.

Strength training is any activity that uses your weight or additional weights to develop endurance, muscle strength, and muscle mass for improved resistance.

By bolstering your hip muscles, you reduce the load your joints lift and lessen the force it absorbs. With stronger muscles, you stabilize your joints and perform better. The muscles you strengthen need appropriate and regular stretching to restore range of motion and prevent injury.

Hip arthritis damages the hip joint with time. But there are various treatments to help reduce the pain and its progression to offer you better physical functionality.

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