Frozen Shoulder Pain Relief: Good Nights Are Possible

What Is a Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder is adhesive capsulitis in medical terms. It occurs when the shoulder joint is immobilized for a prolonged period.

It typically affects those recovering from a shoulder or arm injury or surgery because their shoulder is immobilized to heal. Diabetes is another common cause because chronically high blood sugar levels can affect the shoulder capsule's connective tissues.

For those unaware, the shoulder is a ball and socket joint consisting of a soft tissue capsule for stability and support. When these tissues thicken and tighten, it results in a frozen shoulder.

The concerning element is the time it takes for a frozen shoulder to show signs and symptoms. They develop over time, and you may only notice them when your daily life is jeopardized.


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What Are the Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder?

Pain and stiffness are the most common symptoms. Tightened tissues around the shoulder restrict range and mobility in the shoulder joint. It makes regular movements like wearing a shirt or brushing the hair painful.

Pain is one thing, but a frozen shoulder includes stiffness, and a stiff shoulder reduces motion. Hence, moving the shoulder, lifting objects, and even raising the arms over the head becomes restricted. Using a topical pain reliever can help ease the discomfort.

This problem has three stages, with the symptoms varying depending on the stage.

  • First stage: This is when the pain starts, reducing shoulder motion.
  • Second stage: It is called the frozen stage. The pain may lessen, but the stiffness is high, reducing most shoulder movements.
  • Third stage: This stage involves regaining motion because the pain and stiffness start to fade.

Did you know: Frozen shoulder typically affects people between the ages of 40 and 60, with women being more prone to developing the condition than men.


Why Does a Frozen Shoulder Affect Your Sleep?

Irrespective of whether you sleep on your side, a frozen shoulder is discomforting and can take away your night’s sleep, making you wave bye-bye to comfort.

Specific shoulder movements may not cause pain during the day. You are busy during the day, performing many tasks, which can keep you from recognizing the pain. But the soreness and stiffness can kick in once you lie down.

Additionally, since blood flow is affected in sleep, a frozen shoulder can worsen. Your blood flow slows down when you lie down, and the process of filtering water and other nutrients slows down. It puts pressure on some body parts, causing inflammation.

Discomfort increases with swelling and inflammation in and around the shoulder joint, deteriorating your ability to sleep.

Note: Frozen shoulder can have a significant impact on daily activities, making tasks like reaching, lifting, and even getting dressed challenging and painful.


How To Sleep With a Frozen Shoulder?

sleeping positions for frozen shoulder pain relief

From pain relief products to home remedies, finding relief from a frozen shoulder is not hard. But when it comes to sleeping with this problem, what can you do? You must make your day better to find comfort at night.

Consult your doctor and rest your shoulders as much as possible. The more work your shoulders do during the day, the greater the risk of aggravating the problem when you go to bed.

Here are some steps to sleep better with a frozen shoulder.

  • Using head and neck support
  • Sleeping with a body pillow
  • Sleeping on the sides with pillow support
  • Sleeping on your back with arms by the side
  • Using a heating pad

How not to sleep.

  • Sleeping on your aching shoulder
  • Sleeping on the stomach


How To Treat a Frozen Shoulder?

Use advanced pain relief roll-ons to soothe the discomfort. You may also talk to your doctor for any recommended treatment. The primary necessity is to preserve your mobility and range of motion in the affected shoulder. Healing is better with restricted movements and enough resting. A specialist may recommend physical therapy like stretching exercises. In rare cases, some people need surgery to remove scar tissue buildup in the shoulder joint.

Lifestyle modifications, such as practicing good posture, avoiding repetitive overhead movements, and incorporating regular shoulder exercises, can help prevent the development or recurrence of frozen shoulder.


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