Can You Use Hemp Oil For Neck Pain?

One of the chief culprits behind it is improper posture. But chronic neck pain may be the result of an underlying problem. Patients can try Hemp oil for neck pain. Hemp has proven to be an effective remedy for reducing chronic neck pain

Symptoms of Chronic Neck Pain

Since neck pain is common and usually results from inappropriate sleeping or sitting posture, most people neglect it. Another potential reason behind it is muscle strain, which often happens due to intense physical activity or workouts. 

Although usual neck pain alleviates after a few days or weeks, chronic neck pain persists for months. Additionally, if the neck pain grows severe, expert advice becomes necessary. 

If it lasts for more than three months, it is chronic neck pain. Here are a few other symptoms of chronic neck pain.

  • Headaches:
    Frequent headaches or migraines indicate chronic neck pain. They affect the nerves and muscles connected to the head.

  • Stiff Neck:
    Chronic neck pain can cause a stiff neck or trouble moving your head around. 

  • Soreness:
    You have chronic neck pain if a part of your neck feels slight pain. 

  • Radicular Discomfort:
    If your neck pain spreads to the shoulder and arm, it might be a sign of chronic neck pain. 

  • Sharp Pain:
    Another symptom of chronic neck pain is a sharp, tingling sensation in one spot in the lower neck. 

          You can get real-time pain relief with hemp roll-ons or other topicals if you have common neck pain.

          However, having one or all of the above symptoms indicates chronic neck pain. Let us dive deeper. 

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          What are the Potential Causes of Chronic Neck Pain?

          • Previous Injury:
            Frequently sustaining injuries can gradually result in cervical spine degeneration, causing neck pain. 

          • Strain:
            Muscle tension is one of the chief causes of chronic neck pain. Different situations, such as repetitive strain and poor posture can cause strain. 

          • Rheumatoid Arthritis:
            The synovial joints enable physical movement. Chronic inflammation in the neck can deteriorate them. Arthritis can damage this joint, making the cervical spine unstable. 

          • Spondylosis:
            You must have heard of cervical spondylosis. It stiffens the neck, causing pain because it narrows the space the spinal cord and nerves need to function appropriately. 

          • Fibromyalgia:
            Fibromyalgia patients have lower oxygen and blood flow to the muscles, which can cause chronic neck pain.

          • Meningitis:
            Meningitis can cause a stiff neck because it involves infection and inflammation in the meninges, which are thin layers of tissue protecting the spinal cord and brain. 

          • Osteoporosis:
            Neck pain often results from a problem with the spine. Osteoporosis can fracture the wrist, spine, hip, or any bone.

          Can Hemp Alleviate Pain?

          Studies have shown Hemp to be highly effective in reducing inflammation or nervous system-related pain and injury. So, using a hemp infused relief roll on can affect the body similarly. You can prevent chronic neck and back pain.

          Apart from pain, Hemp can reduce inflammation. It promotes glycine currents in neurons, which are endogenous amino acids. Glycine helps reduce inflammation. Hemp interacts with glycine, and this interaction produces an anti-inflammatory effect. 

          According to studies, Hemp changes the body’s endocannabinoid receptor functions, interacting with neurotransmitters, decreasing inflammation, and alleviating chronic pain. 

          For instance, you can get real time pain relief hemp roll-ons because they can ease sore muscles and recover them with the help of their cooling and warming sensations.

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