Deadlifts and Lower Back Discomfort: Effective Prevention and Relief Strategies

Deadlifting is one of the most demanding and taxing exercises; risky, too, if done without appropriate form. To some, it is the most challenging yet rewarding workout as it involves the entire body in every rep and significantly boosts overall strength and stamina.

When you deadlift, it puts immense stress on the lumbar spine, the part of your backbone above the hips and below the ribs.

Deadlifts leave a slight soreness in this area, even if you are a veteran gym goer. You can stress your back enough to develop annoying lower back pain after a deadlift if every rep is not as careful as the last.

Bad form stresses the spinal extensor muscles that stabilize the body during the lifting. It should not be the case because your glutes and hamstrings should endure most of the workload.

So, how do you prevent it? For starters, do not bend your back when performing a deadlift. It is the most common mistake and a strict no-no if you want to escape an injury.

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How to Deadlift Safely?

Is deadlift dangerous? Not when done right. It is a beneficial exercise to strengthen your lower back. It is also effective in reducing pain intensity in those suffering from mechanical lower back pain. All you have to do is do it right, and deadlifting can be part of your science of pain management.

Here are a few ways to maintain a good and steady form throughout your deadlift motion to avoid lower back pain.

Full Exhalation: Exhale before a rep to drop your ribcage and engage your obliques and abs.

Neutral Head Position: Don’t look up during the motion. Tuck your chin and look at the floor as you prepare to lift. Align your spine with the back of your head.

Lifting Position: Ensure your knees and middle of the feet are aligned while your shoulders are over the bar when you reach down for the barbell.

Hip Hinging: It is the movement you should aim for. To do this, slightly shift your weight backward and then forward, covering the process of lifting the bar and standing. When done properly, it will place less stress on your lower back, giving your calves, hamstrings, and glutes full engagement.

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How to Get Lower Back Pain Relief After a Deadlift?

Are you experiencing post-deadlift lower back pain, even though you remember maintaining perfect posture? It might be simple muscle soreness, which you may be able to relieve using a pain freeze roll-on. Carrying a pain relief roll-on, spray, or ointment in your gym bag can be helpful in such situations. However, if the pain persists or you feel a sharp stinging sensation, consult with your doctor immediately.

Now, let’s look for a quick recipe for recovery, starting with “no deadlifts until you’re pain-free”. From mild muscle soreness to excruciating pain, avoid strenuous exercises to give your back time to recover. The discomfort can last for weeks or months, depending on its severity.

If you notice pain and swelling, you can use ice packs on the affected area of your back. Apply cold compresses for 15-20 minutes every few hours for the first three days. On the fourth day, follow the process with heat compresses for 15-20 minutes.

Resting is necessary to boost the recovery process. However, if none of it seems to work, call your doctor to identify any underlying problem and recommend the best treatment.

Final Words

Coping with lower back pain after deadlifting is common among new athletes. But avoiding the pain is not hard. Maintain a flat back and learn the hip-hinging motion to prevent injuries.

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