What Causes Growing Pains in Adults' Legs?

Causes and Risk Factors for Adult-Onset Leg Growing Pains

Although this pain typically affects children, adults are not entirely free from it. We stop growing a few years after puberty; boys after 16 and girls at 14-15. But symptoms resembling it can continue into adulthood, which may unlikely be growing pain but something else.



If you have researched pain, you may already know osteoarthritis is the most common arthritis type, occurring when a joint begins to wear down. It is one of the most common age-related pains, and older people develop it. The symptoms are reduced motion range, stiffness, and swelling.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

It is an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks healthy cells, resulting in inflammation around the joints. Symptoms may include swollen joints, weakness, stiffness, fatigue, and joint pain.


Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

While exercising is healthy, it can also cause problems, such as DOMS, which occurs hours or days after working out. Symptoms include acute pain and muscle tenderness.

DOMS may happen when indulging in a new activity or returning to intense activity after a break. For instance, when you resume your gym regime after a month.

You may experience reduced motion or have trouble putting all your weight on your legs. Use a quick pain relief solution to lessen the pain and stress.


how to know if it is growing pains

How to Differentiate Leg Growing Pains from Other Leg Pain Conditions, Such as Arthritis or Peripheral Neuropathy?

Doctors usually diagnose growing pain by checking an individual and questioning them about symptoms and medical history. Their method determines there are no other possible causes before diagnosing growing pains.

If you are (suppose) 32 and experiencing growing pain sensations, is it growing pain? Perhaps not.

Growing pains usually occur in children at night. An adult may experience nighttime pain too, but the reason could be overexertion of the muscles or an underlying medical condition. Symptoms of possible underlying conditions may be:

  • Limping when walking

  • Constant pain in the limbs

  • Inflammation or redness in the affected limbs

  • Tendency to be inactive


sleep related disorders

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The Relationship Between Leg Growing Pains and Sleep Disturbances

Leg growing pains affect both legs and usually aggravate at night. The pain may also trigger in late noons or early evenings and go away by morning. It is hard to sleep when in any kind of pain. Sad or depressed people, too, have trouble falling asleep (and that is mental pain).

Often, growing pains may be associated with a reduced pain threshold.

If you experience similar painful sensations and do not know the cause, or using a leg pain relief product bore no positive result, consulting with a medical professional is a must.


How to Prevent Recurrent Episodes of Leg Growing Pains?

Growing pain prevention and treatment depends on the level of discomfort in the individual. The best preventive measure would be doing warmups and stretches appropriately before a workout and cooling afterward. However, it will not prevent pain and only help you endure it better.

To ease your discomfort, you can use a specialized hemp roll-on for pain. Carry it to the gym or in your backpack wherever you go if you suspect experiencing leg pain.

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