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SO soothing & calming

It’s one of the best muscle soothing products I’ve ever used. I’m very active & finally found a compact product I can take with me when I travel.

So glad I found Elyxr Advanced Pain Relief Roll-On

This product has worked wonders to reduce neck, back, knee, ankle and foot pain. Even though the actual problems causing the pain don't change (because the problems are from structural problems), Elyxr immediately brings blood to the area (which will hopefully aid in healing) and the area starts feeling warm and MUCH BETTER! Honestly it has been surprising how much this product has helped. I have numerous other topical creams for pain relief, but Elyxr is my favorite. I am definitely going to purchase the sister product (the one with the hemp). I highly recommend Elyxr!

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Reduces pain significantly.

ELYXR + Hemp Extract 1500 mg Roll On reduces the pain in my shoulders almost immediately. I highly recommend this product.

Shoulder pain

I have used Elyxr+Hemp for my arthritic shoulder. It was reduced the pain and can play golf without any pain.

It really works!

I was given a sample of your advanced relief elyxr with cbd roll-on at the Manhattan Beach AVP event, and I tried it on achy parts of my neck and knees, and it worked so wonderfully. I also had my sister apply it on her injured ankle, and it helped relieve the sharp pains she’s currently experiencing. The instant relief is really amazing and it allows me to feel deeper relaxation at the end of the day. Thank you for your product. We will definitely be ordering more.

Amazing Results after 1st use

This is an amazing product that helps me with chronic pain that I have had over the years. I have tried every known product with some good results but none that ever work over the long haul. It only been 5 weeks but i am able to sleep through the night with pain in my shoulders or neck and just getting a one nights good night sleep was very important to me, but when you go 3 weeks you have to keep using this product. Thank you again for such and amazing product.

I absolutely love the product!

I absolutely love the product! It is a game changer! I used it to recover from my half marathon today and I have used it on my temples to relieve headache pain. It is long lasting and I know that it absorbs and does not leave my skin greasy.

The roller ball applicator makes it easy to get targeted relief.

So thankful I found your product!

very effective, no side effects, i no longer feel pain

I had pain in my lower back and after using ELYXR for about a week i started to see some very good results. After a bout a month of use i no longer feel pain!

Super effective pain relief product

I have tennis elbow in my left arm and it was painful for months. One day my sister brings a bottle of ELYXR and I tried it for a few weeks and it helped relieve the pain. Now I have minor pain , more of a discomfort as I realize it will take time to fully heal. I like how the oil is not sticky and feels extra minty and you can feel it working instantly. The smell isn’t super strong, which is a plus for me.

Back, shoulder, and elbow

Back Pain Relief after 6 weeks or constant pain. Elyxr was effective in immediate relief. Pain was gone after 3 weeks of use.

very relaxing, eased the pain quite extremely

Knee pain - muscle, I’ve had the knee pain on and off for a couple of years from a past injury. It was the most effective product I have tried. Will definitely be continuing to use it

Neck pain was significantly reduced

Neck pain was significantly reduced. Thank you for a great product elxr

Extremely effective. It relieves pain within 5 minutes of applying and pain was permanently gone.

As an avid kickboxer and cyclist, I am constantly looking for a solution for muscle and joint pains. My pain areas are usually the shoulders and neck muscles but Elyxr has been a solution for all my muscle and joint ailments. From carpel tunnel to sprained ankles, I’ve used the roll on product on everything and have experienced immediate relief. I literally cannot live without it. Even with deep muscle tightness, I apply generously before using my theragun and it’s the only thing that has brought release. I use to pay hundreds of dollars with physical therapist and chiropractors, but would end up feeling like I was back at square one. With Elyxr I’ve been able to continue my strenuous workouts knowing my muscles will find relief and recover with Elyxr.

Instant relief. No side effects.

Shoulder pain relief. Thumps up

The ELXYR is amazing, almost took 95% of the pain away pretty much instantly. I experienced no si...

I suffer from planter fasciitis and metatarsalgia and have had so for 7/8 years. I am a barber so stand on my feet all day. I also suffer from shoulder and neck pain due to the repetitive motion of cutting hair. ELYXR came into my life in the barber shop.

I was asked if I wanted to try it out and I was excited to see if it actually worked, unlike many other CBD rubs and rollers that have failed me in the past. After using it, the question I asked was, why hasn’t this product not been created before. I rubbed some on the bottom of my feet and almost immediately I felt relief.
So I tried it on my neck and shoulder area and to no surprise, it worked great there as well. I honestly don’t know how I could live without ELYXR from this point forward. I know I can always count on ELYXR to help relieve my aches and pains.

Immediate relief with continuous alleviation of pain.

Immediate relief that lasts all day!

I rolled my ankle walking down a hill and instantly could not walk on it. It was completely swollen and so very painful! After a few days and many rounds of ice packs and elevating my leg, I became frustrated. It was hard to do everyday tasks without wincing in pain. I used ELYXR on the outside of my ankle and within a few minutes felt so much relief. I only had to use once a day for a few days and now don't need to use my lame ankle brace. So impressed and grateful!!

ELXR worked very well in relieving my aches and pain, better than other products I have used in t...

I experience neck and upper back aches regularly and Elxr has helped me to manage the pain and the aches on a consistent basis.

It works better than any anesthetic spray that I have tried, and believe me, I was getting addict...

About 3 years ago I developed a stroke with massive bleeding in the brain. This caused speech impairment, difficulty walking, and paralysis on the right side. After months of intensive physical therapy, I recovered partially.

Unfortunately, the bleeding damaged the pain center that controls pain throughout the body. I was in pain in many places (eye, neck, mouth, knee, and foot), which was not totally relieved with narcotics. Fortunately, my son recommended Elyxr, which one rubs where it hurts, and it worked! It comes in an easy to carry bottle and can be used alone or with pain killers.

Try it, you will not be disappointed! It works better than any anesthetic spray that I have tried, and believe me, I was getting addicted to narcotics.

Legs, spine, hip, neck, and forearms pain. GONE!

I had a sports injury 12 years ago that left me with a labrum tear in my legs and arms along with spine and neck injuries. Later I was diagnosed with sacroiliitis (lower back arthritis) it took a year of therapy, a walker, and countless painkillers before I was on my feet again or could drive and move around just a little.I found ELYXR after 9 years of going through excruciating pain and discomfort using everything out there like icy hot, biofreeze, tiger balm, voltaren, painkillers ..etc. It was a blessing for me as it miraculously made the pain disappear for hours and I could do things I never imagined I would be able to do ever in my life like go to the gym and exercise again.Slowly using it for a few months it reduced the pain to a point where I stopped thinking about it and started living a normal active life. Today I can walk 20,000 steps, run, pick up weights, do yoga and drive without any pain, and if I still sometimes get any body aches and pain I use a tiny bit of this amazing ELYXR on that area to make it better so I can keep on moving.

I have had chronic pain in my knee for over 10 years and ELYXR eliminated that pain.

ELXYR has helped me be able to function everyday including daily workouts. In my high school and college athletic career I had endured many injuries that have had a lasting effect on my day to day life and many products have not been able help. ELXYR has been able to create instant relief and functionality. It relieved my pain permanently.

Thumb tendon pain (Mommy Thumb) - Very effective! The pain is permanently relieved!

Mommy's thumb pain disappeared! After having my first child, I didn’t realize that a common problem that occurs from handling the baby is called “mommy's thumb” - from feeding, carrying, burping, etc. I was barely able to move my left thumb due to an inflamed tendon. I continued to push through the pain because I had no choice - which inflamed and irritated it even more. I tried to wear a brace but that was impossible due to the amount of times I needed to wash my hands, handle the baby, etc. and even with the brace, I still had severe discomfort.One day while visiting family in LA, I was complaining about the pain and was given a sample of ELYXR. The person that gave it to me swore that the pain would disappear in a matter of days with regular use. I was obviously skeptical- but was willing to try anything at that point. Lo and behold, after just 2-3 days with 2x daily application the pain and swelling went down substantially. I was shocked. I continued use and the pain eventually disappeared!! This is seriously magic in a bottle. I’ve officially stopped cringing in pain when I have to lift my son. So grateful.

Very Effective! It eliminated my pain!!!

I injured my knee and for 9 months had tried over-the-counter products but nothing worked. I was unable to do any exercise that put pressure on my knees such as squats, leg presses, running, or jumping rope. I thought I would have to live with the pain and give up alot of physical activities, until...

A friend recommended ELYXR to me. After only 3 days, my knee pain was completely gone! I am back to living an active lifestyle now doing all of the things that I couldn't do for 9 months. ELYXR IS really a magic potion! Just try it, it ACTUALLY works!!! (This is coming from a big skeptic.)